The Story Behind Our Pre-Kindergarten and Elementary School

Liberty Christian Academy is founded on religious principles and a passion for providing children with a safe and flexible learning environment. Our private school in Clanton, Alabama offers quality early education for kids in pre-kindergarten to second grade.

Our Board


Thomas Mims


Jeff Price

Jeff Price

Vice President

Debbie Jones

Debbie Jones


Sam Hayes


Austin Brewer

Austin Brewer

Courtney Connell

Denise Eiland

Our Staff

Debbie Spurlin

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Ray 2

Jennifer Ray


Patricia Hodges

Patricia Hodges


Nancy Montes

Nancy Montes


Where We Started

Liberty Christian Academy was established in 2021. LCA was born out of the concern of a group of parents and grandparents and a desire to provide a Christ-centered environment where all students can thrive.
At Liberty Christian Academy we are committed to bettering our community by growing the number of young lives firmly rooted in biblical values and teachings. We understand that the care and education of our youth is a serious responsibility and should be dealt with wisely and with much prayer. Liberty Christian Academy has as its mission the education of young people from a Christian perspective derived from biblical values.
We all believe a Christian Academy will improve our community by growing the number of citizens firmly grounded in a Biblical worldview and academic excellence! We will begin classes in the Fall of 2023 with pre-kindergarten to second-grade students and add at least one grade each year.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to prepare the next generation academically and spiritually to be successful citizens of God's Kingdom and enrich our community in His Name.

Our Vision

As an independent, interdenominational, Christian school, we are best able to serve students and families who share a similar commitment to our priorities. 

Grow With Us

Give your child the experience to grow freely with our comprehensive curriculum and safe environment by enrolling them in our school.